What is collxtion?

Collxtion is a portfolio system designed to create custom web pages to document your projects.

Collxtion solves the problems of knowledge and communication management, by providing timely and cost effective tools to collect, present and share information.

Collxtion empowers its users to discover a better way to give and get value from collaboration.

Based on community supported open source software Mahara, Collxtion combines eportfolio and social networking features that enable its users to:

  • organise and display information from a range of files and sources on a webpage
  • store files on the web and access them anytime anywhere, in a browser or with a mobile device
  • have full control over the sharing of their files and information
  • collaborate with individuals or in groups.
  • communicate remotely to evaluate and review information
  • keep track of communication threads and files sharing
  • comment and obtain timely feedback
  • bring outsiders to present information to and share information with
  • maintain and share an online CV
  • network across institutions and organisations
  • integrate a wide range of productivity and office suite tools
  • customise functionalities to their needs
  • access support remotely